Ants, Ranting and a Poem

What I said was wrong, mom. Every time I said I wanted to leave home I was wrong. Hostel sucks. My room is such a mess I’d have to fuss About it But I just don’t care because It would never be like mine back home There are ants every where In my jar of […]

The Fridge Index

Legend has it that I usually left people in awe by the measure of food I could gobble. Before this legend, my grandma has it that I ate very poorly and the margin of me turning into one of those malnourished kids in Africa whose ribs were protruding, was very thin because I averted my […]

Kodambakam and Logic

Disclaimer: no offense intended, respective fans of the respective actor. Take a chill pill ra! I’ve had my share of logic and an equal share of Tamil movies. Considering movies variable x and logic y, (believe me when I say I’ve had more than enough of logic) the correlation coefficient of x and y as […]