the thing with Sky

I have a thing for the sky. I have hundreds of photos of the sky on my phone, on the “family camera” (the camera that we use when we vacation, usually can be found slinging on dad’s neck) and on my laptop. Dictionaries define it as the space above the earth that you see when […]

Ants, Ranting and a Poem

What I said was wrong, mom. Every time I said I wanted to leave home I was wrong. Hostel sucks. My room is such a mess I’d have to fuss About it But I just don’t care because It would never be like mine back home There are ants every where In my jar of […]

Memories Not So Memorable

I am unemployed now. By ‘unemployed’ I mean that I have a tremendous load of work to do yet I just sit awkwardly in front of the TV with one leg hanging from the arm rest of the seat and another leg pulled up to my chest and with a bowl of collation (chocolates and […]

Present Tense and it’s Side Effects

Watching time pass by is poignantly fun. It’s like watching your weight gain yet you just keep eating that cake because it’s luscious (it’s an issue of self-control too but let’s put that one aside). I feel like Kristen Stewart from New Moon movie. I’m always propped on the couch next to my bedroom window […]

Tamil Weddings Be Like

Tamil weddings has it’s own charms and it’s own dulls. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you with even more details. Just enjoy.          1) Getting ready to the wedding like 2) Reaches the wedding and looks at the other people and you feel like someone in white cloth because others be […]

The time I was on a TV show

I was 14 years old. You could say that I looked a bit more pleasable in the past than of now. Anyway, my mom’s work enables her to be in touch with all sorts of media related things and she happened to hear that some producers were producing children-involved TV Show at Coimbatore. Usually, most […]

Bad News

My 6-year old laptop finally stops functioning after a two year battle. It had to fight for life because I occasionally showed my rage and frustration on it (by harsh flings) which led to the detachment of the keyboard/mouse part from the main screen and they connected on through a thing string of wire which […]