Bad News

My 6-year old laptop finally stops functioning after a two year battle. It had to fight for life because I occasionally showed my rage and frustration on it (by harsh flings) which led to the detachment of the keyboard/mouse part from the main screen and they connected on through a thing string of wire which should be positioned in a particular stance. I went through that for two years. I could’ve got a new one the year I threw it but the day before the repair I got an iPod touch. So, guilty conscience.

Anyway, a new one comes probably next week/later. Who knows?  Till then, I am stuck with the Personal Computer (arrgh) under the stairs. Well, something is better than nothing. Oh dear, I miss my laptop. There were just so many unimportant things in it, all my favorite movies and e-books and stuff. It’s okay.

Because Pain demands to be felt.


Author: Rafa Gurrl

Doing this and that.

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