12 D

[ Everything in this post is true. If you’re mentioned in this post and if you find your part even mildly offensive then thousand apologies on my part! ] Note : Please forgive me if I missed you in this post. I might have missed you in this blog post but you’re always in my heart! Okay?

12 D will always be that special class because it is special. By special, we were always together. We were not secernated in to multiple groups but never sat together for lunch either except for the awesome, aromatic Class Lunch Day! I’ll never forget 12 D because they’re everywhere I go, everything I see and everything I do. Just two years with those people in 12 D and now they’ve made me talk all cheesy and maudlinly sentimental (that last line?)!

Okay, now. I went to my friend’s house yesterday and on their TV was a peppy number and guess who danced in the video with his long legs and hands unashamed? Sivakarthikeyan. 12 D knows Sivakarthikeyan means Abinaya. And you don’t wanna mess with Abinaya if you’ve got unsure facts about him. She is a cute bubble of enthusiasm and love! She sat right behind me during classes. Not exactly right behind me but behind me. You get it right? Right behind me was Shirley the Great. If you ever hear the brazen sound of a toffee being sucked or sounds of pens and pencils dropped deliberately or Corn Puff being munched (without sharing them with me, of course) during class hours are by Shirley accompanied by Sreeja. Oh, how did I forget – Centum Sreeja. Anyway, both are our hardworking, geniuses-with-glasses class toppers! They always carry on these notorious activities without getting caught. If caught, they get away so easily, smooth like that smooth. “Ma’am, no, ma’am. We weren’t even doing it.” Okay, sit. That smooth.

They may be infamous brainboxes of our class but next to them, we have – the pin drop-silent-heads-on-the-desk Elvina. Ta-da. She resembles a Tamil actress whose name that never gets hitched. She is known for her hairstyle, that sweep of hair across forehead – not exactly a bang but not an un-bang either – like that. 12 D will understand. Her jokes are LOL. Literally, LOL jokes and sometimes mokka. Her jokes are full of insight that it’s takes you almost a day to understand and grasp the funny bone of it.

Next to me was Agnes on the left. She defines silence and if you want to how many songs are there or who speaks what line at 87th minute of Jeans, Alaipayuthe, Boys, Kandukonden Kandukonden or Kaadhalar Dhinam then she’s the girl. Agnes and her best friends – A. Aish, Afreen and Subha have a commendable sense of couture and also they’re humourous when it comes to filling slam books! On my left was my study-buddy, Karthikeyani. There’s a movie dialogue – Ooru la irundhu yarachu Thenmozhi Kanimozhi nu unnakku kidaipa. That Thenmozhi, Kanimozhi type of girl is Karthikeyani.

In front of me – Swetha. She rocks with her cool. Even while the teacher’s have a bad word with her, you can notice that smirk on the corner of her mouth. Harini – She’s loud and full of Chennai. She starts her conversation with Chennai. If she doesn’t then she ends the conversation with Chennai. She overflows with confidence and Chennai. Where there is Harini, there is Chennai! To the people at next row – Soumya!!! If she opens her mouth once then even God himself cannot close it. Her jokes ROFL. Sometimes I’m so engrossed in her joke that I forget to laugh. She played the protagonist in 12 D’s short film too!  While everyone was away at Delhi, I taught Soumya Maths. Early in the morning at school, our Maths teacher would tell me, “Teach her one graph. Then 10 marks from Chapter 5 and give her a test.” We never went beyond that graph.

Rakshana, Keerthana, Priya – These guys are amazeballs, always-working-hard and stonking. Shalini and Sherin and Judy – I had an amazing, super-duper week with them when others in our class were at Delhi as an excursion. We made fun of Miles (Pudge from Looking for Alaska) by calling him Piles and they incessantly chased me with ghost-stories and we played Who-What-When-Where-How. What happened in that game is a secret (sssshhh). Madhu – Everybody mistakes her for Madhumitha! Her hands work magic. Not witchcraft, of course. I mean art like drawing and painting. She is very dainty and prissy (only looks vice)! An owl too can beat the intensity of her voice. Because Madhu does not speak but screech (no offense intented). Then Martina and Azzzzzmitha – They are inseperable like Harry and his scar. I’m even sure that they can finish each others line off! My time with them was always gilu-giluppu (which is exactly how Martina would put it!). The aplomb of Sharadha and Harrshini cannot even be put in words because they’re… um, I’m out of words.

Maneesha and Harsha (P&R) – Thanks for feeding me non-veg biryani without the non in it during Class Lunch, Maneesha. I’m grateful to you forever. Maneesha was that strictu-oppicer during Class 11 but she became little lenient in 12th! Harshas, I won’t ever forget those Khaakras that you gave me. It was full of butter like your hearts. Dhanyavaad, aapka din shubh ho! Alice and Aishwarya (P&S) and Bhavika – We were good friends and I’ll cherish our friendship evermore! Divina, I’ll never forget the time when were supposed to be working out Maths but you were telling me the story of Boys Over Flowers! And, thank you for all the Korean dramas and blockbusters!

It’s the times we’re so crazy, that people think we’re high. It’s the times we laugh so hard, we can’t help but cry. It’s all the inside jokes and “remember whens”. Those are all the reasons that we’re best friends!

Best for the last. Sowbarnika Vijaykumar (waited loooong to read this didn’t you?). She was the first friend at my new school. She is highly responsible that she makes the word ‘Responsible’ sick. She is never mean and nasty. And, in some years’ time if you happen to surpass Antartica please stop by and have divergent, contrasting dishes from recipes never heard of from Sowbarnika’s eatery. She is like this fairy godmother because she always brought assorted sweets, murukkus and foreign chocolates to school and ALWAYS SUPPORTED WHEN I TALK OF MY DREAM THAT ENDS IN ME MARRYING RAFA NADAL. I’ll tell four words that describe her perfectly – Perfect (in everything apart from her handwriting which slightly resembles heart-rates), Prudent, Trustworthy and Cordial.

Ajitha. SPL ji. What can I say. She was omnipresent. She is so tiny which is the main reason for her ubiquitousness, I think. She was an obligated class leader in 11th and a duty-bound (!!!) School Pupil leader in 12th . I still don’t know how I could’ve gotten through the two years of school if it weren’t for your acquaintance in the beginning. Merci beaucoup! There is some much to say and my word count already is above 1,100 words! Plus, I will never ever ever forgive you for vandalising by doodling unrecognizable figures on my back during Math periods! 12 D beats the vastness of galaxies!

Oh hey Sanofar (real name : Shanafar). If you noticed – ShanAFAR ; last four letters inverted = RAFA!!! Do I really need to tell about my bestfriend because then the volume of this post will be sickeningly immense. In brief : She sat next to me on the second day. She was absent on the first day. We were ignorant of each other. Later we said hi to each other. Then I kept talking the whole day. She never opened her mouth the whole day. Hence, we became bestfriends. We talk about subjects ranging from poverty/economic crisis to why they use so much oil in our canteen bonda. We both love food. She is my non-biological sister.

All the other classes took photos and filled slam books and all that. We did that too and we also have a short-movie as golden memories (which I promise for the thousandth time to upload it on Youtube. Then we all will be world famous!) 12 D – we stood out in everything we did. I was gonna make that ending a little more touchier and demand your eyes sweat. But, it’s okay. Okay?


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