Warning : This post is blunt and pointless. Go on, waste your time.

So those horrible exams have finally ended. For past couple of years, I have been doing absolutely nothing but rant and vent about facing those exams. Now that they’re over, I’m not sure about what to do. Well, what did I do during my Class 10 holidays? I slept for super 15 hours a day, watched Big Bang Theory, read Harry Potter series over and over, bed breakfast and got scolded by my parents for not doing anything useful. Obviously.

Coming back to the present. I never knew that my neighbors, watchman uncle, grocery store aunty and almost everybody I talk to are professional counsellors.  “Hello uncle, how are you?” and that’s the only dialogue I get to speak because after that they go on telling about how fruitfully I should spend holidays by joining in some effectual classes. For example, typewriting class. And preparing for entrance exams as though those mind-numbing Board exams are not enough and coaching classes for entrance exams. The irony. Coaching classes for entrance exams? What’s the point? *beep* your question is invalid, please move on.

Moving on.

I actually had this huge, Herculean list of “things to do after Boards” like watch all the episodes of Big Bang Theory, visit my far away relatives in London (which my parents don’t approve), complete my elating Summer book list from Goodreads and much more which won’t be uploaded due to dearth of space and accustomed laziness and ridiculous ‘to-dos’. Just two days into the holidays, I’ve got habituated to deep sleeps that makes my 9 a.m’s midnights and lunch to breakfast. Losing weight. How did I forget that? I’m in a flawless shape of a potato but I’m aiming for the shape of a sand clock! So, there’s a very long way to go especially when my body cries through sweat when I merely pull my blankets up while sleeping. That’s that. The vein of fervent indolence.

While I was in school, I craved this holidays with all my soul but now I miss school terribly. Did I actually say that? Because I swore I never would. I miss the canteen especially, the masala bhel, Cornpuff, choco-sip (my item because it costs just a ruppee), veg biryani, everything and bonda and bajji and puffs and egg-puffs and that rare cutlet and manchurian. Damn. I most definitely miss the lovely, aromatic, ever-welcoming canteen. I do, I do, I do. I miss my friends too. But wherever, whenever, whatever, food comes first.

I started writing this post as to what a person like me (bone-lazy, lackadaisical, unemployed and languid) can do during times like these when your parents are constantly bugging you to help with the cooking, dish-washing, cleaning the car, washing the dog, helping out little brother with, um, you know, uh Math and all other expedient yet irksome activities. It was supposed to be a post to help you but my advising mood slipped through my fingers.

Therefore, I am in no mood for advice and all that ‘naan sollradha kaelu’(listen to what I say) talks but if you (whoever reading this) are in the same boring, soul sapped condition as I am in, please give me a call and we’ll go for a movie – I’ll buy the tickets and popcorn – in return you’ll clean my room and assist me in burning my Class 12 answer sheets (warning: you might have heart attacks after seeing them marks).



Author: Rafa Gurrl

Doing this and that.

One thought on “Whatever.”

  1. Oh, those exams. When I was going to college, I used to have one of two reactions to exams: either “I already know all this stuff. Why do I have to write it down?” or “I have never seen or heard any of this material in my life.” Consequently, when I became an
    English teacher, I never gave exams as such. My students lived or died by essays only since I was teaching them how to become good writers. It takes a little while to adjust to the out-of-school experience. Keep working on it. Go to a lot of movies.

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